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Storytelling may seem like an old-fashioned tool, today — and it is. That’s exactly what makes it so powerful. Life happens in the narratives we tell one another. A story can go where quantitative analysis is denied admission: our hearts. Data can persuade people, but it doesn’t inspire them to act; to do that, you need to wrap your vision in a story that fires the imagination and stirs the soul.

When you want to motivate, persuade, or be remembered, start with a story of human struggle and eventual triumph. It will capture people’s hearts – by first attracting their brains.

Since 2004, I have presented extensively in the United Kingdom and South Africa to both corporate and private clients. My achievements were recognised with the honour of being invited to speak at the Royal Geographic Society in London to full houses.

I believe there are powerful lessons to be learnt from the remarkable stories of Isandlwana and Rorke's Drift, which resonate especially with audiences today. I also regularly present on Amundsen, Scott and Shackleton, along with a keynote presentation titled ‘Endurance: Shackleton’s way’. This talk highlights Shackleton’s unique leadership, choice of personnel and always believing in a positive outcome.

Always confident with people, I thrive on the challenge and reward of entertaining audiences in the theatres of their imagination and transporting them via the power of a story well told.

I pride myself in unique storytelling and do not rely on electronic or visual aids – ‘when the lights trip, Rob does not’!

In Action

From the battlefields of KwaZulu-Natal to the broken boards of Maritzburg College and the Antarctic, Rob is at home (in shorts) in the wildest of environments.

Rob's new DVD: "A Day on the Battlefields" is now available! Please use the contact form to order your copy. R250 plus p&p.

Rob Caskie presenting to a corporate group
Rob Caskie in Antarctica
Amundsen Cetenary
Rob with Jack Russell on the battlefield of Isandlwana
Rob with a penguin in Antarctica
Rob on the battlefield of Rorke's Drift

Your ability to tell a story with no IT assistance is quite unique in this day and age

Rob Caskie is an experience and his passion and knowledge is mind-boggling.

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2015 Showcase Event

Catgeory: News

Today was the culmination of a very busy week in the greater Gauteng area. After speaking at the guide's conference at Maropeng on Friday, and the weekend on the Vaal Dam, this week was all geared towards the Unique Speaker Bureau/Meetings Africa showcase in the Sandton Convention Centre. The day began at 4am, that we could be at the venue by 5:15am - lots of magazines, banners, gifts, etc to be carried from the car park to the ballroom. Between 600 and 700 invited delegates were seated at tables facing a most impressive stage between two huge screens. I organised for Maureen Lahoud to bring her magnificent troupe of drummers and dancers into town from Hoedspruit - they left home at 3am! This wonderful group of young folk arrived on the stroke of 10am, to hastily change into their dance attire and begin performing. They sang and danced beautifully during the coffee break, before leading the delegates back into the auditorium. The dancers performed on stage whilst everyone assumed their seats, before my 5-minute talk. It was a coup! The delegates loved the dancing/singing in its own right, and the combination appears to have worked very well indeed. Strange to feel the closest I will ever be to a rock star, with a supporting band!? Some of these dancers have been chosen to go and perform in China, a special accolade. I very much hope to do more with them in the future - they are a special group who deserve to be successful, and supported. My sincere thanks to Maureen and her troupe for their incredible efforts in getting into the City of Gold for this prestigious event, and for doing themselves so very proud.

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An interesting road trip

Catgeory: News

An agricultural chemical company kindly invited me to speak at their conference in the Magaliesburg yesterday. When discussing departure times from home, given a 6 hour drive lay ahead of us, and I was expected at noon, my significant other felt we should leave earlier than I suggested. A premonition she felt regarding delays on the road. Between Roadside and Villiers there was a serious accident on the N3, blocking both lanes. When I checked in on Twitter the N3 site stated that a 4 hour delay was expected, and that another accident had occurred behind us on van Reenen. The premonition pertained to van Reenen! We turned around, backtracked 20 km, and proceeded eastwards on gravel roads through farms, hoping to gain the R103. A kind farmer indicated we were on the right track-the roads rough and very wet after good rains. With around 20 vehicles following us we must have posed an unlikely convoy traversing beautiful South African farmland, in search of an open road to the City of Gold. We got to the R103 mercifully, and headed north at pace. I made the talk venue with enough time to spare for coffee and a sandwich, fortunately, and thoroughly enjoyed my time surrounded by agriculturally minded folk.

Tags: trip | road | journey

Disa's on Table Mountain

Catgeory: News

Karen's brother, Joek de Haan, a regular hiker on Table Mountain hatched a plan whilst visiting a beautiful waterfall in Echo Valley. In summer the waterfall becomes a natural amphitheater, and Joek thought of getting me there to share a story or two. True to his word, 15 guests, largely family, were assembled for a weekend at the Overseer's Hut. Luggage and food was kindly transported by SANParks, and we hiked up from Constantia Nek on Friday afternoon. The hut was wonderful, and the sunset that evening quite unbelievable! Looking more like the glow from a massive forest fire, the spectacle beggared belief. After dinner some local stories were shared, including the legend of Sarie Marais. On Saturday, after watching the sun rise over the Peninsular, we walked around the reservoirs, stopping at the Museum highlighting the efforts of those who built these dams between 1880 and 1907. The cut-stone walls are a splendid feat of engineering, notwithstanding the winching of machinery and railway lines to the summit, from Camps Bay! At the natural amphitheater we spoke about Penn-Symons and Louis Napoleon - two year old Annie adding her own commentary. Some hikers on the trail stopped to listen, and we were impressed by a lone crusader cutting and poisoning Black Wattle. A practice he has followed for 17 years now. The mountain needs more of his ilk. We were fortunate enough to see many Disas, both blue and red. These beautiful plants only flower for a few weeks, at this time of year, and many hike the mountain in the hopes of seeing their stunning flowers. We were very lucky indeed.

Tags: sunset | Mountain | Disa

The hot Umkomaas Valley

Catgeory: News

I had an exciting day fishing for trout near Underberg on Wednesday, where we caught 8 good trout, despite hot weather and warm water. Amidst fears that the warm water would render fish too weak to be released, we found the trout swam away strongly upon release. Driving through the Umkomaas Valley is always a pleasure, especially when one's vehicle is running well -my cambelt snapped in the valley whilst at University. My brother-in-law to be towed me back to Pietermaritzburg, for repairs I could ill afford. The indigenous bush and classic, rolling Natal hills hold much appeal. I was asked to share some stories at Duma Manzi in the Umkomaas Valley over the weekend, downriver of Lundy's Hill, not far out of Richmond. Duma Manzi is situated on the farm where Cecil John Rhodes and his brother settled in 1870, and a spot blessed with indescribable beauty. A tortuous 4x4 track winds down the side of the escarpment, through natural bush. Donald even has a few disease-free Buffalo roaming amongst the fat Zebra, Wildebeest and other plains game.

Tags: Umkomaas | beauty | fishing

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